Here it is, my least favorite question during the interview process.   “Tell me a little about yourself.”  I never know how I should answer this, because if you answer is short, then you run the risk of being boring.  If you go on and on, then you sound like a braggart.

I was born and raised in Central CT, in fact I live five minutes away from where I grew up.  I knew back in high school that I wanted to be a journalist and tell stories, and I graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in Journalism/Mass Communications.

I started my career in Syracuse, New York with the thought of being in front of the camera, but quickly realized that my skills were better suited behind the camera.  My love of shooting video, and crafting stories during the edit process came easy to me. After four years of tough winters and building a foundation for my career, I came home.

I began working at Fox 61 in the late 90’s as a videographer and editor for our 10 o’clock news.  I was fortunate to work for bosses who were more like teachers, and they encouraged me to take chances with my work so it would stand out.  My skills and hard work have paid off with 17 Emmy awards, over 20 Associated Press awards and one Pulitzer Finalist recognition for being part of the team at the Hartford Courant for our coverage of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

After 6 years, I moved into the management track, and even though I continued to shoot and edit, I passed along my knowledge and love to my co workers.  For eight years, I was the Chief Photographer, and for two and a half, I held one of the most unique positions that any photo journalist could have.  I managed all of the videographers for Fox 61, the photographers from the Hartford Courant, was an editor for two monthly magazines, and was in charge of all visual aspects for four websites.  I was a leader in a first of its kind integrated newsroom which featured the oldest continuously published newspaper and an established television station owned by Tribune.

Unfortunately, the experiment lasted five years and Tribune split the publishing and the broadcasting units into two separate companies.  I went back into my comfort zone and became the Assistant News Director/News Operations Manager for Fox 61 being responsible for the day to day operations of the newsroom.  I have increased my skills to involve producing newscasts and manage everyone from a camera operator to our main anchors.

I currently work at WTNH as the Chief Photographer/News Operations Manager where I supervise a staff of photographers and editors to produce video for our newscasts and website.  I work closely with our management team to help produce live events, coordinate, and produce most of our in-depth special projects, and develop and implement a strategy to boost our web and social views through specially produced promos and content for our digital sites.

In the past 20 years I have accomplished all of my career goals and more.  I have covered Super Bowls, World Series, Final Fours.  I’ve met four Presidents, and have had many conversations with some of the most powerful and important businessmen, and politicians in the country.  I am often asked, what is your favorite or most memorable story, and it seems to change on a weekly basis, but when people ask what I do for living, my answer has always been the same…I am a storyteller.