Franchise Stories

I’ve been fortunate over the course of my career to work on a number of franchise packages for the stations I have worked at. It’s a great break from the grind of breaking and general news. During my time at WTNH I have periodically worked on our weekly segment called What’s Right With Schools. It’s … More Franchise Stories

All By Myself…

It’s not just a cheesy song from the 70’s, it’s the direction that local TV news is going. Producing, reporting, shooting and editing also known as MMJ (multimedia journalist). It can be challenging but also very rewarding. My news director came to me mid summer of 2020, just a couple of months after the start … More All By Myself…


It’s not every day that your boss allows you to pack up with 70 people, which included 16 teenage baseball players and let you go to a communist country, but in April of 2016 that is exactly what we were able to do. It was a goodwill mission in which a group of parents and … More Cuba

Nat packs

There are many names for stories that are not narrated by a reporter.  They can be called, trackless stories, MMJ pieces, but most videographers name them Nat Packs.  Nat stand for natural, for the reason that most of these stories have natural sound weaved in and out.  These can be very difficult stories to produce, … More Nat packs