First blog post…Reign’s Last Ride

For the past two decades, I have shot and edited news stories all over the United States, with a primary focus on Connecticut.  I have covered events that have that have filled my viewers with a wide array of emotions, and have been fortunate to have a front seat for a number of historical events.   I’ve been asked over the years, why do I do it,…why do I love my job, and the answer has been simple.  I do it because I love telling stories, with the use of video, natural sound, and the interviews that I am able to gather.

For the past 7 years, I have been more of a teacher and a mentor to some of the best photojournalists in our state.  I have not been able to shoot and edit nearly as much, but there are opportunities that I love to take advantage of.

Just last week, Jim Altman and I received a call from the West Hartford police department.  A group that we have developed a great relationship over the years.  One of their retired K-9 officers, Reign, had developed serious health issues and his partner knew it was time to put the German Shepard down.  Before the dog was euthanized, the WH police department decided to have one last tribute, and we were invited to sit in the passenger seat.

I kept my emotions in check during the shooting of this piece, but my eyes had tears during the entire editing process.  Anyone who has loved a pet has had to go through this, but when it is also your work partner there is

a greater bond, and saying goodbye is even more difficult.  Thanks to Rosie, and the West Hartford police department for allowing us to tell their story.

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