Nat packs

There are many names for stories that are not narrated by a reporter.  They can be called, trackless stories, MMJ pieces, but most videographers name them Nat Packs.  Nat stand for natural, for the reason that most of these stories have natural sound weaved in and out.  These can be very difficult stories to produce, but also the most rewarding.

First off, you must have a subject that can carry the piece.  The subject has to be very descriptive, and just like writing a second grade essay, the answer must be formed with the question that was asked.  Yes or no answers are deadly and can quickly kill the story.

Most nat packs, have great video, with action and more importantly reaction.  Natural sound is a must, which will break up the narration of the subject, and help carry the story from point A to point B.  Music can he be a help if used properly, but I will discuss that in a later topic.

Over the course of my career, I have produced over two dozen nat packs.  It was a great way to get my creative juices flowing and help break me out of rut that I might have been falling into.  It was a great way to act as my own reporter, and take complete control over a topic.  Not all of my nat packs came out well, in fact I had several of them fail, but I always learned something from each story and it made me a better storyteller.


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